Consulting services

The consultancy services of AviaAM Leasing are backed by years of experience, the pooling of industry expertise and through collaboration with leading market players and institutions. The company focuses its advisory services on aircraft fleet structuring, asset financial planning, market research and assessment as well as solutions for aircraft insurance.

Aircraft Fleet Structuring

With a renowned team of professionals, AviaAM Financial Leasing China provides airlines, aircraft operators and other owners with tangible advice on fleet formation and development as well as new aircraft introduction to existing fleet to match the business growth.

Financial Planning

Compiling strategies, mitigating asset depreciation risk, optimising finances through aircraft leasing, outright acquisitions, etc. – AviaAM Financial Leasing China is ready to provide individually tailored consultations and plans to manage your financial investments in the aviation industry.

Market Research & Assessment

Continuing aviation finance market research allows AviaAM Financial Leasing China’s experts to be on top of market trends, fluctuations and all of the related information. The company uses this knowledge to support its clients with thorough market assessment and information.

Aircraft Insurance Solutions

AviaAM Financial Leasing China works in close partnership with the leading aircraft and asset insurance providers to provide its customers with structuring risk and cost effective aircraft insurance programmes.